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The Untouched Virgin Diveagar Beach

What comes to your mind when you hear about a place named diveagar, probably nothing (just like myself). Literally speaking, dive means “light” and agar means “orchards” and this place justifies its name to its core.
It’s a very beautiful and subtle place to spend your weekend.
We started our journey from Pune at 7:00am on Saturday, the morning was idyllic and so was our journey. We navigated through Pune- lonavala- route for diveagar.
This is a little longer route but who cares till the time you’re accompanied by your besties, smooth roads and a perfect destination to reach.
Finally, we reached diveagar at 1:00 pm, tripmeter showing 210 kms. It’s a small village with intense natural beauty. The locals here are mostly involved in coconut tree and Beatle nut tree cultivation.
We headed straight to our Hotel Oceanic, which is like 500m from the beautiful beach. The rooms were clear with all the amenities and facilities you can think of. They provided clean beddings, sheets, and towels. Resort has western style toilets with 24*7 hot water supply. Windows are broad giving you a mesmerising view of the beautiful village. Oceanic also provided us with the facility to enjoy a bonfire, which totally made our day. The caretaker lady is very friendly and runs a small in-house kitchen which serves delicious vegetarian and non-veg food.
After having our lunch at Patil’s house, we headed straight to the beach and trust me it’s one of the best beaches I’ve ever been to. We all were mesmerised by its beauty and the view, it felt like being in lap of mother nature, away from all noise and hectic urban life.
There were very few people on the beach, as it was noon time. There are options for water sports like banana ride, parasailing, Jet ride etc.
The water was crystal clear and would give you a perfect reflection of yourself. We got ourselves wet in the water, enjoyed some fresh coconut water and planned to come back in the evening after having some rest.
Around 7:00 pm, as planned we came back to the beach. Sky was clear and soothing- Sun was about to set peacefully in the Arabian sea.

As the sun sets, the entire water-logged sandy surface turns into a natural mirror. Some people were enjoying their drive by the Sea, as here you are allowed to drive your vehicle on the beach, provided you don’t get  yourself stuck in the sand.
Standing in middle of the beach, on my right I could see people enjoying water sports while on the other side, Sea birds were on their way back from the beach.

Overall, we had a wonderful experience and enjoyed our trip a lot. You must take out time from your busy schedule and do explore this heavenly beauty.


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