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Why All Women Shoud Travel Solo Once In Their Life

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I come from a country, where travelling solo is a very big thing especially for a woman. There are various doubts and fear that comes to mind about idea to travel solo. Since childhood, we have been taught by our mom and elders that we should travel with friends and family. Earlier I also used to think that travel is always meant to be with friends and family. I have always been that cute kido who is pampered and loved by parents and relatives. But, last two years have totally changed my mind. I still remember the first time when I boarded a flight solo without informing anyone. I had many presumptions, like would it be safe? How I will manage alone? Will it be fun? etc. But, trust me that flight was the ultimate boost up to my confidence level.

Makes you more Adaptable

Solo travellers learn so many things and emergence out as mature and adaptable individuals. When you travel with friends, you have to take care of common interests, cuisine, places to visit etc. But, if travelling alone you are master of your own will. I do revisit places I like, eat at random restaurants and try local cuisine.

Pulls you out of your Comfort Zone

It takes a lot of courage to plan such a trip as you have to come out of your comfort zone. The most challenging things are travelling in public transport and fear of being accepted by strangers. To my surprise, people are much more friendly and helpful in the outside world. You need to follow Safety tips for solo travellers in mind.

Exploring new places and new people

People in small villages treat you with a big smile and are more than happy to share their experiences in life with you. You get to learn so much from different people and different places. Even I have made many new friends during my travel and have spent good amount of time with them.

More Confident and Independent

The best part is that every time you explore something new on your own. There were various occasions when I faced problems but I overcome all the odds to solve everything on my own. I am no more dependent on anything or anyone. I love my own company as it helps me to get self-realization.

Craving to travel solo again

Travelling solo has made me addicted to it .Now I look for any long weekend to pack my backpack and explore new places. Imagine the view of sun set on a lovely hill top and your solitude. No restrictions and you feel so free and energised. I am looking forward to my solo trip to my new destination real soon.

Hope this blog will encourage many other fellow females to boost their confidence and travel. Let me know your views in comment down below