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Alpfly reviews, Fake or real? Beware of the trap

Alpfly reviews

A new buzz was in the town and on social media about company calling itself Alpfly and claiming to provide 10 Air tickets in 12 months for domestic travels.

Star Plan is their cheapest plan, in which one registered person gets 10 air tickets in 12 months for INR Rs 21999. Which makes air tickets dirt cheap like Rs 2199 Per ticket. Wohhh 2199 per tickets… that sounds awesome and anyone can fall for this offer like I did.

Even though I read their terms and conditions like 100 time and did a lot of research about the company I couldn’t get much info about it and most of the comments and reviews which I saw on Facebook or google reviews looked to me like paid or fake reviews.

So finally I decided to be a sheep goat amongst my friends and bought their Star plan for 21999 on 06 January 2017. I booked two journey from Pune to Chandigarh for 28th of Jan and from Lucknow to Pune of 06th of Feb. So far So good. I had to attend marriage of my roommate in Chandigarh on 28th Jan and in Lucknow on 5th Feb. As I am customer of Alpfly so I guess I am best person to provide Alpfly reviews.

Now Let the real game begin.

15th Jan 2017: I called up alpfly customer support on and asked them if they have received my ticket request through online portal, they gave me a affirmative and confirmed that they have received the request. I asked alpfly customer support,  if I will be getting any confirmation call from your side, They said yes you will be getting it just 7 days before your journey. I was like ok, even if you book your request 100 days back, still that does not make any sense to them. They will start processing your request only 7 days before.

21st Jan 2017: This was the date 7 days prior to my journey to Chandigarh. I called up customer support of alpfly. This time they again came up with one more excuse that they will be able to see the tickets only 48 Hr prior to the journey. That means 48Hrs prior you won’t be having any idea, like which airlines or what timings are you going to fly. And they keep it a very secret and they will surprise you with something random as they did me…Keep reading


25th Jan 2017: As 26th Jan 2017 is national holiday (Republic day) and no one is expected to work on that day… So I called up customer care to look into the matter and issue me ticket so that I can at least plan my travel 48 Hrs prior.


I was pretty much sure about the mess I am going to face because of my prior experience with customer support at alpfly and sales team at alpfly So i decided to call them in Morning.

A lady named Nidhi picked up my call and she said that she will be providing me with the tickets in 15 Minutes. I said “Wait…wait…wait… Will you be not asking me any preference or will I be getting any time options?” She said that “Sir as you are our Star Plan customer you don’t have any options other than to travel in whatever flight I will send you…” I was like WHAT??

Here comes the Terms and Condition of Alpfly. “ Under this plan, we do not offer any specific time and carrier selection by the customer.”

It means that they will not ask you anything no matter how much sales team says that they will ask you for prefered time… That’s all lie… sales team uses this to lure customers


Ok I agreed to it… Then came the second shock. I will be getting Pune to Delhi flight in morning on 28th Jan at 7:20 In morning and that will drop in Delhi at 9:20 Perfect.

But from delhi to Chandigarh for flight, you will be charged one more ticket as flight halt time will be more than 4 hrs :O How come that be possible… There are many flights operating on this route which takes less than 4 hours of halt and reach Chandigarh from Pune, but they have only one Flight showing in their Inventory. NO FLIGHT OPTIONS FOR STAR PLAN POOR PEOPLE.


Ok So I asked them Instead of booking a flight for Chandigarh from Pune, I can just go upto Delhi and take bus to Chandigarh, Then comes new shock. They only had one flight from Pune to Delhi that too at 10:20 PM. I asked them to accommodate me in morning flight. They said it is not possible. You have to either go in 7:20 Morning flight to Chd or take flight to Delhi at night with additional modification charge of 499Rs…. What Rs 499. Yes…This is charge for any modification made in the booking.


At this point of time I was left with 3 options.

  1. Take flight to Chandigarh and Sacrifices my two tickets which will cost me 4400
  2. Pay Modification charges of Rs 499 and get ticket till Delhi on 27th Jan at 11:15 AM or 28th Jan at 10: 20 PM
  3. F**k with everything and get back my refund with 10% deduction i.e Rs 19799.1 and live rest of my life happily.


But as we know humans are curious creature and so I am… So I paid another Rs 499 for booking my flight to Delhi on 27th Jan and this ticket costs me Rs 2199+499 = ~Rs 2700 one way to Delhi. I got my confirmed air ticket PNR from Alpfy at 8:PM on 25th Jan and I have to fly on 27th Jan at 11:20.


That was all my first impression on Alpfly claiming to be the cheapest air ticket provider in India, but not that customer centric and sales team will agree to almost all of your terms and conditions but travel desk will provide you with worst experience. As far as flights are concerned they do not have any aircraft of their own. They have tie up with low budget carriers like SpiceJet, GoAir and Indigo, Premium airlines like Jet Airways in India for selling last moment empty seats.

Let me Also try to explain you main points of terms and conditions for STAR PLAN by alpfly:


Customer will have to book his/her travel, at least 7 days in advance and PNR will be issued 48 Hours prior to travel. 7 days does not include the day of placing request and the date of travel.

Explanation: Looks clear…But wait… there is a Catch. No matter how before you request your booking, they will give you tickets 48Hrs prior to your flight date. And for booking you have to at least book 7 days before. They will not tell you anything about your travel, they will keep it like a dark secret… and you will never come to know what time you are about to fly.

There are no hidden charges. Prices are all inclusive of taxes and charges.

Explanation: That’s not true… read whole T&C, If you make some changes to your booking preference then you have to pay Rs499 as modification charges. And if you cancel/disagree with the flight or timing they provide and opt not to take ticket, then you have to pay Rs 999 or you can opt to sacrifice one of your air ticket, This means that once you have requested, they will definitely take either money from you or a ticket from you pool

As per availability, if the halt for a flight (for any destination) is more than 04 hours or with 2 stops, then 02 tickets will be charged from the respective plan for one way.

Explanation: Biggest catch point of Alpfly. Let’s say you have to fly from Pune to Delhi, and you request for tickets. Prior 48Hrs they will call you and tell that they don’t have any direct flight from Pune to Delhi, so you have to halt in Jaipur for 5Hrs… that will cost you two tickets. They will also tell you that they can only see one flight in their Inventory. They have such a small inventory that you will only get one flight from Pune to Delhi. Either you take it or do some modification to your journey date and they will charge you Rs 499 as modification charges. And if you opt not to travel they will anyday charge you one ticket from your pool or pay Rs 999 to save your ticket.

We prefer to provide direct flights to our Customers. If direct flights are not available, only then, we book flights with halt time.

Explanation:That is not true, They will provide you tickets which suits their own convenience or which is available in their own inventory. Mumbai to Dehradun is having one direct flight of Jet airways which is most of the time full, So how can they provide direct flight on occasions like Diwali and Holi. And then comes the catch, They will call you and will say that they don’t have direct flight to this location and you have to take flight which will have halt time x >4 Hrs and that will cost you two Alpfly tickets.

Once plan is purchased and any ticket is issued, then the entire plan is non-refundable.

Explanation:If you take even one ticket, your whole amount is fortified. You cannot take refund from them whatsoever. Though you can cancel your plan  within 21 days of purchase with 10% deductions

Customer can utilize one round trip in a month, anywhere in India(except some blackout destinations).

Explanation: This means you have to travel 5 times in a year. If your job does not allow you this then you should not take this. Else you will most probably waste your tickets due to lack of Leaves from your office.

We at Alpfly, aim to serve you with the best flights available on your preferred date, as we are operating with leading domestic Airlines of the country.

Explanation: They just ask your preference for date not the time. And trust me this is very annoying. And whatever time they will provide you may not suit you.


If you have already buyed a Alpfly STAR PLAN and looking for some tips for booking so here They are:

  • Try to Book tickets from metro city to metro city only, trust me you can get direct flight and may be the best one.
  • Don’t raise request for booking until you are very sure that you are going to travel on the given date. Else that will cost you a ticket from your pool
  • Take leave from your office or workplace on the date you have booked tickets because even you don’t know the flight time 48hrs prior to your flight. And trust me its very difficult to explain this to your managers (except mine 🙂 ).

To conclude, Alpfly star package is best for a person who don’t care for time and is flying from metro city to metro city. If you are planning to take tickets from non metro city to non metro city so they will provide tickets which are not at all feasible with long waiting time. As far as tickets are concerned, Yes they will definitely provide you with the tickets on mentioned date but it can be at 23:55.

Go for this package if you are looking for cheap flight tickets. And you cannot really on this ticket for flight timing. Overall I will rate this service 2 out of 5 stars.

Have you tried Alpfly star package? Or planning to buy one… Ask anything in comment down below.