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5 Safety Tips for a Solo Traveller in India

5 Safety tips for solo traveller to be kept in mind while travelling in India which is a beautiful country sculpturing a variety of scenic beauty and ample of places to travel. Travelling is not just a hobby but it’s an experience. This post is all about how to travel safe and cheap across the globe with your backpack.

  • Inform Your Friends

The first thing is to inform at least one person about your travel. Be it your best buddy or your spouse or sibling. This acts as a backup for your safety. Before leaving for your solo expenditure take photocopies copies of your voter ID, Aadhaar card, train and flight tickets, hotel booking etc in advance and keep scanned copies in your mailbox.

  • Avoid Shared food

As every typical Indian parent would say “Don’t accept eatables from strangers” and do follow your instincts .It is very important that if you are not feeling comfortable talking to some stranger avoid it. Don’t trust people blindly and stay aware.

  • Tip for Train

If you are travelling by train, prefer booking upper berth and keep your valuable luggage like laptops, Ipad etc with you. I would suggest not wearing expensive shoes if travelling by train as there are chances of theft.

  • Money Keeping

Always keep your money segregated at 2-3 places. Keep small change for your local expense and keep larger amount hidden in your inner wear or socks. Don’t carry expensive and fancy bags which can lure robbers. Avoid keeping money in back pocket as it is easy to steal.

  • Travelling in Cab

Keep your friend posted about your location time to time. While travelling by a cab always take photo of the car number plate .Now a days you can also add emergency contact and share all your ride details with that contact.

  • Stay at Hotel

Always check for the room where you are staying and prefer renounced places. You should always check the reviews first for the play of stay. To visit the local places, enquire with the person at front desk or caretaker .They can tell you the safe places to travel.

  • Avoid secluded places

Be prepared for anything. Always remember that your life and safety is more valuable than materialistic thing. One important thing is to carry a pepper spray in your bag. Don’t go for secluded places alone. Have confidence and you can enjoy your travel.

In a nutshell, stay alert and travel safe. Keep above tips in mind and have a wonderful travel experience.


Happy travelling

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