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Couchsurfing or Sexsurfing, What Indians think?



I wanted to write this blog post for long time but my hectic schedule at office, travel and day today work  didn’t let me to complete it. But this weekend ,I finally took some time and decided to write a blog on my couchsurfing experience in India.

This is the best gateway for all those who don’t know what couchsurfing is and how much prevalent it is in India.

What Is couchsurfing?

Couchsurfing also abbreviated as CS in netizens language is a service created by  Casey Fenton. Couchsurfing is a hospitality service offering travellers a place to sat in more than 70 countries for free of cost. The funda is very simple. is having more than 1000000+ registered users who can offer say or bed to follow travellers in their apartment or home, by simply uploading pics and some basic information about themself. And travellers travelling to that place can ask for stay at their place through portal.

Why couchsurfing?

Budget! Yes this is the first and foremost reason for Couchsurfing. To lower down the trip expense, solo travellers prefer couchsurfing over hotels and hostels. This is  a great way to save money during your trip to any place in world. Believe me you can save heavy by couchsurfing. Also Couchsurfing helps solo traveller to get some friends and know local people and stay with them, have food with them etc . But for me the main purpose of couchsurfing is local exploration. I ask my host to show me unpopular places where tourists seldom goes and tell stories about their city and culture.

Is it safe?

If you are hardcore traveller then trust me, nothing in this world is  safe place. You need to face the consequences whatever come in front of you while travelling. Same applies to couchsurfing. Profile on couchsurfing looks very luring and safe but sometime the ground reality is totally different. You cannot be 100% sure  who will host you and what will they offer you. But don’t worry much, community rating are thankfully true most of the time.

Couchsurfing or Sexsurfing?

In India it is now becoming popular that girls seeking boys as host and boys seeking girls as host. But for what? For some it’s absolutely normal to get an opposite sex as a host or guest but for some its also an opportunity for a one night stand known as “No string sex” or if it is through couchsurfing also called as “Bed Surfing” or “sexsurfing”. I heard about it recently but never thought that it could be possible. But to my surprise 5 out of 8 guys offer sex to girls and two of them said that  they were expecting sex. Only 1 out of 8 didn’t offered anything. To my surprise even girls are looking for wild couchsurf experience. 1 out of 4 girls offered sex in return on couchsurf.

Most of the girls say NO to these kind of offers and they believe in travelling rather than sleeping with some random guys.

Most commonly used phrase by couchsurfer host to guest to offer sex is “The door to my bedroom is open all night”!

The first time I came across Sexsurfing was in Goa. My host told me some stories from local that they have slept with 3 of 4 girls they have hosted as guest and he also  mentioned that “White girls are easy and hot”. At first I thought they are joking but surprisingly i found that girls are more pushy than a guy.

I also came across a shocking story of a girl from Delhi she wanted to do couchsurfing in Mumbai, India at a guys place. In the middle of the night the guy came in the room and started touching her and offered her, but she refused so he asked her to either have sex or leave. She left in the middle of the night. And the funny thing was, that guy had a good reputation at couchsurfing and the girl met him day before the say at some restaurant. So everything seemed alright.

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Whats are your thoughts for couchsurfing? Have you ever faced anything like that before? Share your experience and comment down below. I would love to know more about experience you guys had at your trip and couchsurfing.


PS: I might sound like a old age person in this post but trust me, I am not against Couchsurfing or anything, Through this blog post I am just trying to put my points of view and what I faced personally.


Story Travel

A story of lonely beach near Pune

Yaar lets go somewhere on this weekend is the easiest sentence we can say to our friends.

But planning a weekend trip in Mumbai or Pune is not easy.

Because everyone had already covered Lonavla, Khandala, Igatpuri and other locations near Pune & Mumbai.

Maharastra is a very beautiful place with beach, hills, mountains we get many options of trekking, camping  near rivers & Fort.

But this time i was looking for a peaceful weekend trip with my friends.

I was looking for nearby Mumbai, Pune weekend gateway

Places like Harihareshwar, Kashid, Alibagh, deviaghar.

Diveagar was shortlisted now.

The road trip was beautiful we left Saturday early morning 4.5 hours and we were there direct to beach.

How it was ? 

One of the most beautiful place i ever been as a traveler

In front of me a beautiful hill was hugging the sea with mirror reflection of the sun the sand was shining like gold and birds flying above me,

Many of turtles heading back to sea

What else do i need for my weekend road trip from mumbai & pune

Halfway to Lonavla.

I forgot everything just watching the nature.

Then we headed to checkin into Oceanic Resort that was luckily very close to beach hardly took 7 mins of walking.

We need to order the meals in advance as this place is non-commercialised only accommodated by helpful villagers and few places to have meal. The market is 3 km from Diveagar. So best is to order the meal before reaching.

Place is known for its sea food cooked in traditional way.

The village is covered with palm and coconut trees, with two old beautiful temples.

Few resorts are there but many of villagers do provide accommodations on reasonable prices.

After our meal we head back to the beautiful virgin beach of deviagar. The water was clear and beach was long we kept on walking to the edge of it and we found star fishes moving the sun was setting into the sea the beach was beautiful. The water sports gets closed just after sun set.

You can see our video and be one of us.

Do like comment & share if you are planning to visit it.

Feel free to ask me any question:

Don’t think yaar lets go 😎