Heritage- Udaipur, The City of Lakes

Why do I love traveling? Many times, I asked this question to myself and finally come up with an answer, maybe not a full proof answer yeah!!! but a Draft. So traveling provide you enough time to think about yourself, Even when you are traveling alone you have hell lot of time to do meditation and I can pen down the wholesome experience of the trip.

So, folks, this is my first blog and I am penning down my favorite trip to Udaipur. Famous for its heritage and royalty, Udaipur is a must visit if you are bored of your metro city life. The city of Lakes, “Venice of East” Udaipur is known by lots of nicknames, As Mr. Ranbir Kapoor already defamed Venice by calling it Dharavi of Europe, I would not prefer to compare it with Udaipur. I would call it “Vancouver of East” better no??

Once you visit Udaipur, you will definitely get addicted to that place. I ended up visiting it twice in a year. Udaipur is historic capital of Mewar kingdom, Now part of Rajasthan. It is reachable by all the meaning of transport. I opted for Volvo bus from Ahmedabad, it helped me reaching there early morning, and trust me that was a perfect time. After reading so many reviews about hotels and palaces around in Udaipur, I finally booked a Heritage haveli Hotel in the main city, as it is walking distance from main Lake, Pichola. Being ahead of time, I had to wait for check-in. I utilized that time by exploring nearby Jagdish temple. This temple is situated in the middle of the old city and it is a brilliant work of architecture, guys if you are fond of heritage architecture, then you must definitely visit this once.

After exploring beautiful temple early in the morning, I headed towards my favorite Fatehsagar lake. A morning walk on the road side of the lake is the best way to kick start your day. Perfect timing, less chorus, cool breeze and a cup of aadrak tea (you can get coffee as well). There are many small shops where you can manage to kill your appetite early in the morning. After enjoying the best morning of my life, I headed back to the hotel.

I did a lot of research before booking the hotel because I wanted a room with the mesmerizing view of Lake Pichhola. Udaipur is jam packed with tourists round the year still September and October is the best time to visit and avoid the rush at hotels. Lake Pichhola also comprises of premises of famous Lake palace,  administered by The group of Taj hotel. If you want to have a great view Lake Palace, you can have your lunch at the restaurant of Fateh Prakash just before exploring City Palace.

City palace is situated in the main old city, It is the residence of Royal family of Udaipur. Famous for it’s architecture and royalty, which is reflected in every corner of the palace. Tour of City palace might be tiring but trust me, it is not considered complete without taking a look at its beautiful architecture, mentioning hanging garden of City palace, because it’s soothing and pleasant to the eyes.

Feel the magic of evening in Bagore ki Haveli. It’s an old Haveli on the waterfront of lake Pichola. You can enjoy the traditional puppet show in the evening with live folk dance performances followed by dinner at some waterfront restaurants. A multi-cuisine restaurant by waterside is Harigarh, you can enjoy the traditional music along with candle light dinner, if you are the early bird and lucky enough, you may get Indian sitting which is better as you can relax and enjoy the scenic view of Bagore ki haveli with live music.

All the shopaholics out there, Hathipol is the place for you to buy anything ethnic, those colorful lehriya dupatta, oxidized jewelry and lots of Rajasthani home decor pieces.
This place imprints beautiful memories on the canvas of your heart, more you visit more you fall in love with this place.


Guest Post By: Shweta Pandit

Alpfly reviews, Fake or real? Beware of the trap

A new buzz was in the town and on social media about company calling itself Alpfly and claiming to provide 10 Air tickets in 12 months for domestic travels.

Star Plan is their cheapest plan, in which one registered person gets 10 air tickets in 12 months for INR Rs 21999. Which makes air tickets dirt cheap like Rs 2199 Per ticket. Wohhh 2199 per tickets… that sounds awesome and anyone can fall for this offer like I did.

Even though I read their terms and conditions like 100 time and did a lot of research about the company I couldn’t get much info about it and most of the comments and reviews which I saw on Facebook or google reviews looked to me like paid or fake reviews.

So finally I decided to be a sheep goat amongst my friends and bought their Star plan for 21999 on 06 January 2017. I booked two journey from Pune to Chandigarh for 28th of Jan and from Lucknow to Pune of 06th of Feb. So far So good. I had to attend marriage of my roommate in Chandigarh on 28th Jan and in Lucknow on 5th Feb. As I am customer of Alpfly so I guess I am best person to provide Alpfly reviews.

Now Let the real game begin.

15th Jan 2017: I called up alpfly customer support on and asked them if they have received my ticket request through online portal, they gave me a affirmative and confirmed that they have received the request. I asked alpfly customer support,  if I will be getting any confirmation call from your side, They said yes you will be getting it just 7 days before your journey. I was like ok, even if you book your request 100 days back, still that does not make any sense to them. They will start processing your request only 7 days before.

21st Jan 2017: This was the date 7 days prior to my journey to Chandigarh. I called up customer support of alpfly. This time they again came up with one more excuse that they will be able to see the tickets only 48 Hr prior to the journey. That means 48Hrs prior you won’t be having any idea, like which airlines or what timings are you going to fly. And they keep it a very secret and they will surprise you with something random as they did me…Keep reading


25th Jan 2017: As 26th Jan 2017 is national holiday (Republic day) and no one is expected to work on that day… So I called up customer care to look into the matter and issue me ticket so that I can at least plan my travel 48 Hrs prior.


I was pretty much sure about the mess I am going to face because of my prior experience with customer support at alpfly and sales team at alpfly So i decided to call them in Morning.

A lady named Nidhi picked up my call and she said that she will be providing me with the tickets in 15 Minutes. I said “Wait…wait…wait… Will you be not asking me any preference or will I be getting any time options?” She said that “Sir as you are our Star Plan customer you don’t have any options other than to travel in whatever flight I will send you…” I was like WHAT??

Here comes the Terms and Condition of Alpfly. “ Under this plan, we do not offer any specific time and carrier selection by the customer.”

It means that they will not ask you anything no matter how much sales team says that they will ask you for prefered time… That’s all lie… sales team uses this to lure customers


Ok I agreed to it… Then came the second shock. I will be getting Pune to Delhi flight in morning on 28th Jan at 7:20 In morning and that will drop in Delhi at 9:20 Perfect.

But from delhi to Chandigarh for flight, you will be charged one more ticket as flight halt time will be more than 4 hrs :O How come that be possible… There are many flights operating on this route which takes less than 4 hours of halt and reach Chandigarh from Pune, but they have only one Flight showing in their Inventory. NO FLIGHT OPTIONS FOR STAR PLAN POOR PEOPLE.


Ok So I asked them Instead of booking a flight for Chandigarh from Pune, I can just go upto Delhi and take bus to Chandigarh, Then comes new shock. They only had one flight from Pune to Delhi that too at 10:20 PM. I asked them to accommodate me in morning flight. They said it is not possible. You have to either go in 7:20 Morning flight to Chd or take flight to Delhi at night with additional modification charge of 499Rs…. What Rs 499. Yes…This is charge for any modification made in the booking.


At this point of time I was left with 3 options.

  1. Take flight to Chandigarh and Sacrifices my two tickets which will cost me 4400
  2. Pay Modification charges of Rs 499 and get ticket till Delhi on 27th Jan at 11:15 AM or 28th Jan at 10: 20 PM
  3. F**k with everything and get back my refund with 10% deduction i.e Rs 19799.1 and live rest of my life happily.


But as we know humans are curious creature and so I am… So I paid another Rs 499 for booking my flight to Delhi on 27th Jan and this ticket costs me Rs 2199+499 = ~Rs 2700 one way to Delhi. I got my confirmed air ticket PNR from Alpfy at 8:PM on 25th Jan and I have to fly on 27th Jan at 11:20.


That was all my first impression on Alpfly claiming to be the cheapest air ticket provider in India, but not that customer centric and sales team will agree to almost all of your terms and conditions but travel desk will provide you with worst experience. As far as flights are concerned they do not have any aircraft of their own. They have tie up with low budget carriers like SpiceJet, GoAir and Indigo, Premium airlines like Jet Airways in India for selling last moment empty seats.

Let me Also try to explain you main points of terms and conditions for STAR PLAN by alpfly:


Customer will have to book his/her travel, at least 7 days in advance and PNR will be issued 48 Hours prior to travel. 7 days does not include the day of placing request and the date of travel.

Explanation: Looks clear…But wait… there is a Catch. No matter how before you request your booking, they will give you tickets 48Hrs prior to your flight date. And for booking you have to at least book 7 days before. They will not tell you anything about your travel, they will keep it like a dark secret… and you will never come to know what time you are about to fly.

There are no hidden charges. Prices are all inclusive of taxes and charges.

Explanation: That’s not true… read whole T&C, If you make some changes to your booking preference then you have to pay Rs499 as modification charges. And if you cancel/disagree with the flight or timing they provide and opt not to take ticket, then you have to pay Rs 999 or you can opt to sacrifice one of your air ticket, This means that once you have requested, they will definitely take either money from you or a ticket from you pool

As per availability, if the halt for a flight (for any destination) is more than 04 hours or with 2 stops, then 02 tickets will be charged from the respective plan for one way.

Explanation: Biggest catch point of Alpfly. Let’s say you have to fly from Pune to Delhi, and you request for tickets. Prior 48Hrs they will call you and tell that they don’t have any direct flight from Pune to Delhi, so you have to halt in Jaipur for 5Hrs… that will cost you two tickets. They will also tell you that they can only see one flight in their Inventory. They have such a small inventory that you will only get one flight from Pune to Delhi. Either you take it or do some modification to your journey date and they will charge you Rs 499 as modification charges. And if you opt not to travel they will anyday charge you one ticket from your pool or pay Rs 999 to save your ticket.

We prefer to provide direct flights to our Customers. If direct flights are not available, only then, we book flights with halt time.

Explanation:That is not true, They will provide you tickets which suits their own convenience or which is available in their own inventory. Mumbai to Dehradun is having one direct flight of Jet airways which is most of the time full, So how can they provide direct flight on occasions like Diwali and Holi. And then comes the catch, They will call you and will say that they don’t have direct flight to this location and you have to take flight which will have halt time x >4 Hrs and that will cost you two Alpfly tickets.

Once plan is purchased and any ticket is issued, then the entire plan is non-refundable.

Explanation:If you take even one ticket, your whole amount is fortified. You cannot take refund from them whatsoever. Though you can cancel your plan  within 21 days of purchase with 10% deductions

Customer can utilize one round trip in a month, anywhere in India(except some blackout destinations).

Explanation: This means you have to travel 5 times in a year. If your job does not allow you this then you should not take this. Else you will most probably waste your tickets due to lack of Leaves from your office.

We at Alpfly, aim to serve you with the best flights available on your preferred date, as we are operating with leading domestic Airlines of the country.

Explanation: They just ask your preference for date not the time. And trust me this is very annoying. And whatever time they will provide you may not suit you.


If you have already buyed a Alpfly STAR PLAN and looking for some tips for booking so here They are:

  • Try to Book tickets from metro city to metro city only, trust me you can get direct flight and may be the best one.
  • Don’t raise request for booking until you are very sure that you are going to travel on the given date. Else that will cost you a ticket from your pool
  • Take leave from your office or workplace on the date you have booked tickets because even you don’t know the flight time 48hrs prior to your flight. And trust me its very difficult to explain this to your managers (except mine 🙂 ).

To conclude, Alpfly star package is best for a person who don’t care for time and is flying from metro city to metro city. If you are planning to take tickets from non metro city to non metro city so they will provide tickets which are not at all feasible with long waiting time. As far as tickets are concerned, Yes they will definitely provide you with the tickets on mentioned date but it can be at 23:55.

Go for this package if you are looking for cheap flight tickets. And you cannot really on this ticket for flight timing. Overall I will rate this service 2 out of 5 stars.

Have you tried Alpfly star package? Or planning to buy one… Ask anything in comment down below.

Why All Women Shoud Travel Solo Once In Their Life


I come from a country, where travelling solo is a very big thing especially for a woman. There are various doubts and fear that comes to mind about idea to travel solo. Since childhood, we have been taught by our mom and elders that we should travel with friends and family. Earlier I also used to think that travel is always meant to be with friends and family. I have always been that cute kido who is pampered and loved by parents and relatives. But, last two years have totally changed my mind. I still remember the first time when I boarded a flight solo without informing anyone. I had many presumptions, like would it be safe? How I will manage alone? Will it be fun? etc. But, trust me that flight was the ultimate boost up to my confidence level.

Makes you more Adaptable

Solo travellers learn so many things and emergence out as mature and adaptable individuals. When you travel with friends, you have to take care of common interests, cuisine, places to visit etc. But, if travelling alone you are master of your own will. I do revisit places I like, eat at random restaurants and try local cuisine.

Pulls you out of your Comfort Zone

It takes a lot of courage to plan such a trip as you have to come out of your comfort zone. The most challenging things are travelling in public transport and fear of being accepted by strangers. To my surprise, people are much more friendly and helpful in the outside world. You need to follow Safety tips for solo travellers in mind.

Exploring new places and new people

People in small villages treat you with a big smile and are more than happy to share their experiences in life with you. You get to learn so much from different people and different places. Even I have made many new friends during my travel and have spent good amount of time with them.

More Confident and Independent

The best part is that every time you explore something new on your own. There were various occasions when I faced problems but I overcome all the odds to solve everything on my own. I am no more dependent on anything or anyone. I love my own company as it helps me to get self-realization.

Craving to travel solo again

Travelling solo has made me addicted to it .Now I look for any long weekend to pack my backpack and explore new places. Imagine the view of sun set on a lovely hill top and your solitude. No restrictions and you feel so free and energised. I am looking forward to my solo trip to my new destination real soon.

Hope this blog will encourage many other fellow females to boost their confidence and travel. Let me know your views in comment down below

7 Places Where You Can Enjoy Birthday Freebies

Birthday is a day filled with cakes, gifts, surprises, fun and entertainment. It’s a day when you feel like a king or a queen. To further celebrate and make your day special, there are many places and restaurants which provides Freebies on your birthday.

Here, I will be including some best places to enjoy your day for free:

Adlabs Imagica

It offers a world class distinguished adventure, snow and water park. Imagica gives “It’s My Happier Birthday” offer by which you can claim a free ticket +/- 3 days from your birthday to water park or Imagica theme park. Birthday crew is also given an additional discount of 5% on Pre Booking tickets online. Birthday girl or boy must carry a government Id proof to show in the ticket counters.      

Della Adventure Park


Della Adventure park is very famous for its mind thrilling set of adventure activities. It is a luxurious and adventure resort situated in the beautiful region of Lonavala. Birthday boy/girl is offered free adventure passes. Friends and family get additional 15% off. The offer is valid for 7 days Pre and Post from your Birthday.

Barbeque Nation

barbque nation birthday

 It provides a very nice concept of grill-at- your-table’. Veg and non veg starters are so yummy to die for. Pre book a table and inform them that you are coming for a birthday celebration. They will surprise you with a beautiful birthday cake and staff will sing birthday song for you.

Spicejet ClubCard Offer

spicejet offer

 With SpiceClub members can earn loyalty payback points and other benefits. Enjoy a special offer for birthday buddies and claim your free ticket. So, plan your birthday destination today with Spicejet.



 One of my personal favourite food junction serving delicious and fresh veg and Non veg subs. Just sign up for Subway Reward Program and you will get 20 birthday reward points as a freebie.



 The world famous coffee chain also adds a smile to the birthday boy/girl. Sign up for Starbucks reward points and claim your free birthday drink to start your wonderful day.

Baskin Robin


Icecream and sweet adds a flavour to your special day. I think no birthday celebration is complete without sweets and Icecream just need to join Baskin’s birthday club and claim your free Icecream.

Overall, there are various options to enjoy your special day with freebies. Do visit these outlets and have an amazing experience. Adlabs Imagica and Della Resort are the ones that we will personally recommend to you. How about you? Where are you planning to celebrate your next birthday?

South Indian Dishes Most People Don’t Know About

Indian cuisine encompasses a wide variety of regional and traditional dishes because of its much diversified culture, spices and geo locations. It is best known for spices, and mouthwatering tastes. The food not only appeals your taste buds, but also your eyes. 


South Indian cuisine includes the dishes of the five southern states of India: Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Telangana.

The similarities among these five states are the inclusion of rice as a staple food and use of lentils,  spices, red chilies, fresh green chilies, coconut, and native fruits and vegetables.

Some of the most common South Indian Dishes include Dosa, Idly, Bonda, Sambhar, Vada etc, but wait, there are many of the south Indian Dishes which exist but not so popular. To taste them you need to visit the place from where they belong. Most of these dishes are not served in many of the south Indian restaurants across India. South Indian food does not means only Sambhar Dosa and Idli. Let me introduce you to some uncommon south Indian Dishes.

 1) Kozhukkatta


It is a sweet dish from Kerala shaped like the dumpling made from rice flour which has the filling of Jaggery and Coconut inside. Yumm! This dish is traditionally made for Ganesh Chaturthi in Maharashtra as well. Looking at this mouthwatering dish will remind you how Po in Kung Fu Panda does when he’s near dumplings.


2) Manga Perukku

Manga Perukku
Manga Perukku

This is an appetizer or an accompaniment for lunch. It’s made with raw mangoes, coconut, mustard seeds, etc. It is a traditional Kerala dish especially in areas of Palakkad. Fires up your taste buds like nothing else.


3) Puttu


Basically rice powder and grated coconut steamed in layers in a cylindrical vessel. Puttu is a prime breakfast in Kerala and Sri Lanka. There are many types of Puttu available. Variations are made in the coconut, banana, meat, fish, etc. and the rice powder can be replaced with ragi, corn, wheat, etc. It is usually eaten with black gram curry, pappadams and banana.


4) Sukhiyan


Sukhiyan is a deep fried traditional Kerala tea time snack made from Green gram or peas and Mung bean, coconut and Jaggery filling. This is a highly nutritious food because the mung bean is a rich source of low-fat protein and fiber.


5) Pazhampori


In Malayalam pazham means Banana and pori means fry, thus the name Pazhampori. This however these are not the regular banana which we get from the market, This special banana is readily available in the local market only. The plantain species of banana is used for making this delicious sweet snack. Pazhampori or Banana Fritters is generally had in the evening with a hot cup of tea.


6) Pakarkaai Pitlai(Bitter gourd pitlai)

Pakarkaai Pitlai(Bitter gourd pitlai)
Pakarkaai Pitlai(Bitter gourd pitlai)

Many of us hate bitter gourd for its taste like me 🙂 , but this is one tasty and healthy dish. In Kerala and some parts of Kanyakumari people makes two dishes using bitter gourd, which tastes great. Let me share some facts about Bitter gourd:

  • Bitter gourd is used in diabetics treatment which brings down the sugar level.
  • It is also a blood purifier.
  • Bitter gourd is the excellent source of the vitamin.

This dish ‘Pakarkaai Pitlai‘ is usually had along with rice and ghee.


7) Paruppu Usili

Paruppu Usili
Paruppu Usili

This is a traditional dish which pairs well with Vatha Kuzhambhu and Mor Kuzhambhu. You can eat this either as an accompaniment to rice or mix with rice and take morkozhambhu as accompaniment. This one is a tasty and protein rich dish. The main ingredient of this dish is dal and vegteables like beans, plantain flower or cabbage.


8) Mor Kozhambhu

Mor Kozhambhu
Mor Kozhambhu

Morkuzhambu is one of the instant Kuzhambu varieties that do not need much efforts for preparation. It is taken with rice and paruppu usili. You can add pumpkin, Okra or sundaikkai also known as turkey berry. This is a simple, tasty, and traditional dish made at home especially during festive seasons.


9) Kancheepuram Idli

Kancheepuram Idli
Kancheepuram Idli

As you see in the image it is neither a regular shaped Idli nor the taste and it is a Rava Idli which we usually don’t get anywhere in but in Kancheepuram it is famous and yes, it is steamed with tumblers.


10) Mutton and Egg Dosa

Mutton and Egg Dosa

This is dosa topped with an egg and fried spicy mutton. The best in the list I’d say. Better than any pizza you could have. If you are in Kerala you must try this local dish and I am sure you will fall in love with it.


Pics Credit: www.google.co.in, wikimedia.com

All in one Female Travel Packing Checklist For India

India is a country with varied landscape and climatic conditions. Our rich heritage and culture attracts millions of tourists across globe to visit India. It is famous for its natural beauty and for spiritual enlightenment.

If you are planning your vacation in India, then you must be ready with vacation packing checklist. One general tip is to keep your bag as light as possible. You should keep clothes that will suit all climatic conditions.

If you are planning your stay in hilly or mountainous region keep something warm with you. Carry light clothes which are easier to wash and dry. Mostly you have to hand wash clothes while trekking. As per my travel experience I am jotting down few tips-

General Tips: Clothing

  • Carry 3-4 light full sleeves T-shirts as they are easy to wash and dry.
  • Always carry a large piece of cloth or scarf to cover your face from dust and light.
  • Carry 1-2 dark coloured jeans so that they can be used for extended period.
  • Keep at least 3 pairs of socks to cover your feet from sun tan and mosquito bites.
  • Pack 3-4 sets of leggings as they can be worn on multiple occasions.
  • Carry enough sets of inner wares (4-5 sets).
  • Keep 1 jacket if you are planning for colder treks like Himalayas.
  • One or two skirts or dresses for party and special gatherings.


  • Apply mosquito repellent to all the visible part of the body.
  • Carry your sunglasses all the time.
  • Never forget to apply sun screen specially if you are planning to travel in summers.
  • Always consult your doctor for prescription before travelling for any kind of infection and allergies.
  • Keep 2 packs of pads for emergency situation and keep 1-2 loose in your handbag pocket.


  • Razors and lather cream should be a must in your packing list.
  • Toothbrush with covered lid and toothpaste.
  • Shampoo and conditioner of your choice.
  • Paper Soap is also very important thing.
  • You will sweat a lot in India, you keep Deodorants and perfumes.
  • Comb and hair bands.
  • Bathing soap with a covered case.
  • 2-3 hand towels and 2 full body towel.


  • 1 pair of comfortable sport shoes to travel.
  • 1 set of sandals to match up your dresses.
  • 1 pair of flip-flops for beaches and daily wear.


Safety Gadgets:

  • Keep a cable lock for your suitcases
  • Carry a cash belt to safely carry your cash.
  • Pepper spray to handle unwanted situations

Entertainment/Electronic Gadgets:

  • Camera or DSLR to capture your beautiful moments.
  • IPad or Kindle to read books for time pass.
  • Headphones to enjoy music while travelling.

I have tried to jot down all the important vacation packing checklist. Enjoy your stay to the fullest and we welcome you to visit the incredible India.


Pic Credit: geopolintelligence.com

Budget Hotels In Goa To Stay In December

The words cheap and budget get out of use during month of December in Goa and especially during the festive season and Sunburn. Budget hotels in Goa becomes like an impossible thing in December. The lowest possible Goa hotel rate can be found only at government hotel by Goa tourism. But you have to book the hotels well in advance from Online Hotel Management System.


As this is Sunburn season so it become practically impossible to get cheap hotels in Goa. However, you just might be able to do it based on a few things.


1. Look for flats/rooms rented by the owners: Try your best to forget the beach hotels/resorts, they will charge you nothing less than 6000-8000 per night. Try the interior. Places like Aldona, Quitula, Serrao and Nachinola in North Goa. Most of these places are about 40-45 minutes from the beaches by bus or bike but you can definitely find cheap hotels in goa at these places.

  • Arambol beach is a also a good option which is little remote place. Arambol beach is cheap and very less crowded. Most of the crowd are foreigners. Local goan people have converted their home into guest house and offer them at very cheap price. They charge hardly 800-1200 Rs. Per room. You can also find further budget hotels in “Porvorim” It is located around 2 km from Panjim city but little bit crowded.
  • You should also try your best staying away from all the party madness. Somewhere cheaper in places like Margao and near Vasco. It’s a little far from the beaches and party places, but you need to get your own scooty or bike to get to this place.

2. Eat Local: Ask the owner of the place where you are staying for some cheap restaurants nearby which are good places to eat in that area. Or you can ask some locals willing to cook for you. Restaurants and shacks by the beach will be very expensive. Britto’s at Baga cost us almost 6000 without drinks for a group of 5 people.

3) Also you can try places like Asterix Hostel near Vagator, Baga, and Anjuna beach. You can meet other travelers, mostly western tourists, and Anjuna is a great place for that. Rooms near Anjuna also have wifi, books, free breakfast, easy scooter and cab rentals.


Comment down below about your experience in Goa in December or if you find something very interesting to stay at cheap hotels in goa.

You can also check out places to visit in Goa during december.

Pic Credit: Wikimedia


Couchsurfing or Sexsurfing, What Indians think?


I wanted to write this blog post for long time but my hectic schedule at office, travel and day today work  didn’t let me to complete it. But this weekend ,I finally took some time and decided to write a blog on my couchsurfing experience in India.

This is the best gateway for all those who don’t know what couchsurfing is and how much prevalent it is in India.

What Is couchsurfing?

Couchsurfing also abbreviated as CS in netizens language is a service created by  Casey Fenton. Couchsurfing is a hospitality service offering travellers a place to sat in more than 70 countries for free of cost. The funda is very simple. Couchsurfing.com is having more than 1000000+ registered users who can offer say or bed to follow travellers in their apartment or home, by simply uploading pics and some basic information about themself. And travellers travelling to that place can ask for stay at their place through portal.

Why couchsurfing?

Budget! Yes this is the first and foremost reason for Couchsurfing. To lower down the trip expense, solo travellers prefer couchsurfing over hotels and hostels. This is  a great way to save money during your trip to any place in world. Believe me you can save heavy by couchsurfing. Also Couchsurfing helps solo traveller to get some friends and know local people and stay with them, have food with them etc . But for me the main purpose of couchsurfing is local exploration. I ask my host to show me unpopular places where tourists seldom goes and tell stories about their city and culture.

Is it safe?

If you are hardcore traveller then trust me, nothing in this world is  safe place. You need to face the consequences whatever come in front of you while travelling. Same applies to couchsurfing. Profile on couchsurfing looks very luring and safe but sometime the ground reality is totally different. You cannot be 100% sure  who will host you and what will they offer you. But don’t worry much, community rating are thankfully true most of the time.

Couchsurfing or Sexsurfing?

In India it is now becoming popular that girls seeking boys as host and boys seeking girls as host. But for what? For some it’s absolutely normal to get an opposite sex as a host or guest but for some its also an opportunity for a one night stand known as “No string sex” or if it is through couchsurfing also called as “Bed Surfing” or “sexsurfing”. I heard about it recently but never thought that it could be possible. But to my surprise 5 out of 8 guys offer sex to girls and two of them said that  they were expecting sex. Only 1 out of 8 didn’t offered anything. To my surprise even girls are looking for wild couchsurf experience. 1 out of 4 girls offered sex in return on couchsurf.

Most of the girls say NO to these kind of offers and they believe in travelling rather than sleeping with some random guys.

Most commonly used phrase by couchsurfer host to guest to offer sex is “The door to my bedroom is open all night”!

The first time I came across Sexsurfing was in Goa. My host told me some stories from local that they have slept with 3 of 4 girls they have hosted as guest and he also  mentioned that “White girls are easy and hot”. At first I thought they are joking but surprisingly i found that girls are more pushy than a guy.

I also came across a shocking story of a girl from Delhi she wanted to do couchsurfing in Mumbai, India at a guys place. In the middle of the night the guy came in the room and started touching her and offered her, but she refused so he asked her to either have sex or leave. She left in the middle of the night. And the funny thing was, that guy had a good reputation at couchsurfing and the girl met him day before the say at some restaurant. So everything seemed alright.

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Whats are your thoughts for couchsurfing? Have you ever faced anything like that before? Share your experience and comment down below. I would love to know more about experience you guys had at your trip and couchsurfing.


PS: I might sound like a old age person in this post but trust me, I am not against Couchsurfing or anything, Through this blog post I am just trying to put my points of view and what I faced personally.


Places to Visit in Goa During New Year

We are about to say goodbye to year 2016 and I am sure most of us are planning a trip to celebrate the year ahead of us. Now can you guess a place with cheap booze and awesome sea beaches? Yes, the answer is Goa.  For all the Goa lovers and travellers, I am jotting down exclusive places that you must visit.

Baga Beach

For accommodation I will suggest get a room near Baga beach. There are a lot of cheap guest houses and hotels near the beach. To be more accurate get a room near the Tito’s lane. Baga beach is one of the most commercialized beaches with great crowd. You can find many local shops selling clothes, beach wears, chappals, hats, jewellery and what not. You can also find tattoo shops to get a fancy tattoo.

You can find a variety of restaurants on the beach offering delicious veg and non veg food. Most of the restaurants have sea food as a speciality. Candle light dinner on the beach is a must for all the people who are travelling with their loved ones.

You can also enjoy a variety of water sports at standard rates .These include boating, para sailing, jet skiing, banana ride etc. It also features clubs like Tito, Love sex and karma etc so you can booze, dance and enjoy the awesomeness at one place.

Anjuna Beach

Anjuna beach is a heavenly abode on occasions like New Year celebration and Christmas Eve. A visit during a full moon night adds a natural add-on to the beautiful beach. Place is famous for great tourist attraction.

 Wednesday Flea market

Is something you should jot down in your list of places to visit in Goa.It features a variety of snacks and goods from Tibet, Gujarat and Kashmir. Things like imported electrical and handicrafts are easily available here. You can also find t-shirts with pictures famous singers and rock brands.

Here also, you can find all kind of sports activity to rejoice and have fun.

Chapora Fort

Chapora fort is the famous fort featured in movie ‘Dil chahta hai’ .It is one of the masterpieces of Portuguese architecture and art. From the top you can have an eye-catching view of beautiful Goa. If you are fond of fishing do visit Chapora Village, giving you stress relief of soul and mind.

Calangute Goa

Calangurte beach is the largest beach in North Goa.It is a great tourist attraction during Christmas and New Year. It is a heaven for party lovers with a variety of pubs and clubs around the place. It is very famous for its awesome crowd and best nightlife. It is among the top ten bathing beaches in the world and is heavily crowded both during day and night. This beach is also popular as the ‘Queen beach’ of goa.

So, pack your bags and be ready for Go Goa!!!

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Top 10 places to Visit in Pune

When people travel from Mumbai or some other place to Pune and ask you where to go in Pune to spend some quality time, I feel like most of the time people are black with the list of places which they can visit in Pune, and the first worry I have is – How am I going to entertain them or what should I suggest them to see.

Well, staying in a city like Pune and worrying about all this is not a problem anymore. Just take a look at top weekend getaways listed here, and I am sure you would be amazed to find out how much fun this city has to cover in.

  • Sinhagad Fort

One of the nice fort’s built by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaja. There is a  saying associated with Sinhagad fort ” Gad aala pan simha gela” in Marathi language it means “fort is conquered but Lion is lost”.

It is advisable to visit during the weekdays as weekends are very crowded. You can also enjoy the scenic drive way back along the backwaters of Khadakwasla dam.

  • Osho Auditorium

You must be wondering what Osho Auditorium is doing in this list at number 2 but let me tell you arrival of Osho to the Pune city gave it international flavour. The Osho International Meditation Resort has acquired international recognition among thousands of people around the world, and visitors comes to this place from more than 100 countries every year.

  • Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park

A Nice place to spend half a day in Pune as it is almost in the city. There are not many animals but its an open enclosure type park. Animals are well kept by the government officials. Nice to see them in their natural habitat type environment. Children enjoy watching zoo animals. The place is overall cleaned and maintained  but toilets are dirty.

Ticket line was of 200 persons when I visited this zoo
Also be prepared for walk of 4-6 kms. You can also opt for battery Operated car which is an option inside the park

  • Khadakwasla Dam

Khadakwasla is located near Pune city around 40min drive from center of town. This dam supply water to most of Pune city. There are two sides from where you can go to Khadakwasla dam, one road goes to Sinhagad fort and another one passes from NDA side which is also known as peacock bay.

One the Sinhagad road side you will find lots of food venders selling Bhel, Corn (Bhutta) and other stuff, nothing fancy all street stall kinds. If you want long peaceful drive then go on other side of this.
Good to visit in weekdays evening time, on weekends and Holidays this will be pack with people and cars, as roads are small you might stuck in a jam.

  • Okayama Friendship Garden

Pune-Okayama Friendship Garden or Pu La Deshpande Udyan is one of the largest garden located on Sinhagad Road in Pune, Maharashtra, India.

This place is very good for photo session and selfie, lots of beautiful trees and water lake in the middle of the garden which makes Okayama garden more beautiful. You can have a  good time over there with your family away from city noise and pollution.

  • Mulshi Dam

The Mulshi dam is one of the magical place far away from the hustle of the Pune city. The clouds, mountains and lake make this dam looks too beautiful and the water change color through the day. A great place to just sit down and watch nature’s painting on vast canvas.

Common people are not allowed inside the dam so you have to take a distant view of the dam.

  • ISKCON NVCC Temple

Iskon temples are known for their National and International Shri Krishna followers. This is very nice place to which reflects Vedic culture. The temple is designed beautifully and very clean and well maintained.

Attending 7 PM aarti at evening is highly recommended and enjoy free food which is very tasty.

Also there are shops where you can find number of matchless Gift, most of the items are related to Krishna. Govinda’s restaurant and a Govinda’s stall offers clean and freshly prepared food of all kinds(south Indian, north Indian, Chinese etc.) at very nominal price.

  • Darshan Museum

This Museum is about the life and teachings of Swami Revered Dada Vaswani and they are presented so beautifully in this museum that you will love it.

The museum play a 90 min 3D show on the life, times and teaching of Swami Vaswani both in Hindi and English.

Nicely maintained, clean and aesthetic place with heart touching simple messages of life. This is a place where we can find peace of mind free of cost

  • Neelkantheshwar

Neelkantheswar is a Hindu temple devoted to lord Shiva, which is about 40 minutes drive from Pune. This temple is situated on hill top so you need to do a lot of climbing to reach the temple.

The temple displays almost all Indian Mythology stories. The temple is having more than 200 scenes depicted. You will get a very beautiful views from hill top. Keep in mind to carry food items and edibles as you won’t find any up there.

  • Malshej Ghats

Known for its scenic view and waterfalls Malshej ghat is must to visit in the rainy season if you are around Pune or Mumbai. Enjoy several view points or  take a chance to stay at the MTDC (only residence in Malshej) and enjoy bonfire. Be it the first time or hundreds of time you will still feels as new and refreshing always. Don’t forget to get your natural car wash done.

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